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There is a secret to success and that is...

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Perceptual positioning is detaching to yourself as a third person like playing your character in a video game or watching yourself from a CCTV. By doing this, instead of working IN your life, you will be able to work ON your life. 


Perceptual Positioning is a very effective way, because if you can master this you can change all the negative characters that you have that do not serve you in a good way. You can upgrade yourself. Also, you can shorten the distance of your present self to your future self (the best version of you).


There are 3 easy ways to practice this.


First one is ASKING YOURSELF QUESTIONS. Questions like what if I got a friend who has my problem? What advice I can give him? How am I going to help him? 


This is effective because, in reality, it is easier for us to tell other people what to do than to do it ourselves. Let me ask you. Did you experience giving an amazing problem solving technique to somebody and you can easily think of that? But, when you encounter the same problem, you are having a hard time to think what to do. Ask me why? Because, if we are very emotionally attached with the problem, we are having a hard time to think properly. When emotion is high, intelligence is low. 


So, we need to break the pattern here by doing the first thing which is to ask yourself specific questions. 


Secondly, EVENT IS AN EVENT. Let me tell you a story. There is a mother zebra with her offspring eating grass somewhere in a forest. Then, out of nowhere, a lioness with her offspring ate all the offspring of the mother zebra. The mother zebra mourned for her offspring. The lioness celebrated for she and her offspring haven't eaten for so many days. But for the TREE, who witness the event, for him, it is just an event. 


So, be like the tree. Witness your struggles and problems in life like those are just events.


Lastly, think of what your ROLE MODEL would do if he is in your situation? Whether he is your parent, teacher, boss, friend or even a public figure, think if he would do the same thing like what you are doing now. If not, then, you got to change your action. Act as if you are your role model. Model success is what I always hear from my mentor. 


So, the last one and the best one is think like your role model. 


If you want to master perceptual positioning, or you need more motivation, build a habit or anything related to personal development and human psychology, feel free to message me. If you are struggling with speaking in public, check out my other article HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: 3 PROVEN TECHNIQUES.

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