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Brain games make learning fun!

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For the foreseeable future, schools have all but shut down entirely in order to protect students, teachers, and their families from the spread of COVID-19. During the lengthy stay-at-home measures made necessary by this pandemic, many parents have had difficulty keeping their kids on track with their education. Just because schools are closed doesn’t mean that there’s no homework to be done, yet parents finding themselves in a teaching role they haven’t experienced before might feel at a loss.

If this sounds familiar, we’re here to assure you that you’re not alone.

We’ve got more than just assurance, however. How about a little advice, too?

Fun and games for the brain.

Sometimes, all a child needs to get excited about learning is a fun little incentive—that's where brain games come in. Games for the brain make it easier to enjoy learning and therefore to keep up with studies even when typical schooling routines have been disrupted.

Examples of brain games that your child might enjoy include:

  • Memory games to challenge the mind and improve memory;
  • Brain training games such as word games that can improve vocabulary and spelling;
  • Musical learning games that incorporate song, dance, or instruments into the learning process;
  • Computer games or mobile games that engage children with the temptation of high scores to reward their learning;
  • Games that enhance reading comprehension and more conceptual learning.

These games may come in the form of books, electronics, board games, and more. 

Working with an Online Tutor.

If you’re going to bring some of these fun brain games into your child’s at-home school routine, don’t forget that they’ll need a coach to keep them motivated! Additional accountability from an Online Tutor is an absolutely essential way to keep your kids on track.

Online tutoring sessions will help your children to get the most out of their educational fun and games by offering regular opportunities for reflection and questions. Plus, Online Tutors know the best brain games around!

These tutoring sessions will yield even more ideas for opportunities to exercise your child’s brain in a fun way, making tutoring an important strategy to add structure to your kid’s education while also varying how they engage with their school material.

Check out our Online Tutors today and register for your first session from the comfort of your own home. There’s no better way to help out your kids when it comes to their education. Browse through our Online Tutors now and message them for free!

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