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Being a single parent can be difficult.

Let an Online Counselor help you through it. Message one for free today.

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Single parenthood has become an increasingly common circumstance particularly in the United States, where the percentage of single parents is higher than in any other developed country in the world. However, children across the globe are being raised by single parents, too—internationally, roughly 14% of children live in a single-parent household. Single mothers are much more prevalent than single fathers, but both represent a large portion of the world’s parental population.

This means that to all the single parents out there, you are far from alone.

The challenges of living as a single parent.

The challenges faced by single parents (and particularly for the single mother) are numerous. For instance, a consequence or two of being a single mom may include:

Having additional difficulty finding an appropriate work-life balance.

Struggling with insecurities about performance as a parent.

Being more likely to experience financial challenges.

Achieving the best for your child.

As we’ve just mentioned above, it’s not at all unusual for single parents to find themselves struggling with insecurities and wonder if they are truly doing all they can for their child. We’re here to reassure those parents that there are ways to achieve the best for your child, and they’re incredibly simple, too.

Value yourself. 

Any parent who wants the best for their kids will be inclined to give up anything if it means a better life for their son or daughter. However, the best parents know how to care for themselves, too. A stressed and tired parent living an unhealthy lifestyle won’t be the best they can be!

Love your children. 

Does it seem too simple? It’s not. Never underestimate the power of the love you have in your heart for your child or children. It’s this attachment and dedication that will make you a successful parent.

Seek the help of an Online Counselor. 

Yes, it’s okay to ask for help! Online counseling is a fantastic pursuit for single mothers and fathers who can benefit from having someone listen to their concerns. A Counselor may also be able to instill confidence and offer a sense of relief for single parents who are struggling. This is all a part of valuing yourself!

To take the first step toward being the best parent you can be, check out the variety of certified Online Counselors available to work with you now, one-on-one.

Most importantly, be a positive single parent and remember that you are not alone in your endeavor to be the best possible parent for your child. There’s nothing wrong with having a single-parent family, and these families can be just as nurturing as a more “traditional” family structure.

All for one and one for all! Browse through our list of Online Counselors now and message them for free.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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