Online therapy is emerging as an alternative for people sheltering in place during the COVID-19 outbreak. Because people are not able to travel, they are using tools such as video conferencing, text messaging, online chat, and the phone to communicate with their therapist, counselors and encourage children to engage in development programs.
Within the past several months, mental health treatment has shifted from nearly all face-to-face therapy sessions to almost exclusively online sessions.

Advantages of Online Therapy
1. Online therapy is convenient.
2. Online therapy is as effective as office-based therapy.
3. Online therapy allows patients to access a more comprehensive selection of therapists.
4. Online therapists are dedicated to supporting their patients.

Online therapy can serve as a powerful support system, especially during periods of stress. Although the transition to online therapy may feel uncomfortable at first, one of the experienced mental health professionals can help you feel less alone and learn how to cope with the new and unsettling circumstances of the pandemics.