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The holiday season is here and, for many, this means it’s time for one very special event—a break from school! No one can deny that a break from studying is a good thing, but there are plenty of reasons to stay focused around the holidays, too.

Holiday decorations, exciting sales, and bright lights may already be distracting students from studies even before this break, making it difficult to prepare for exams. Even worse is when the break itself comes, temping you to stagnate entirely for two to three weeks before returning to school in the new year unprepared.

Want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you but can’t concentrate? Here are some strategies to try!

Block out distractions.

Visiting family, straying from a classroom environment, and surrounding yourself with holiday celebrations can make it difficult to find time for settling down and studying each day. However, every day you go without processing information will make it more difficult for you to get back to your education once the holidays are finished. Take some daily time to be alone, intentionally blocking out these distractions so you can stay focused.

Make a schedule (and stick to it).

The structure of a school schedule is often what holds you accountable, responsible, and motivated to continue studying and learning on a regular basis. What happens when this is taken away? It’s much more difficult to remain focused! Create a study schedule for yourself to maintain throughout the holidays, then use it as a guide if you can’t focus on studying.

Don’t leave study materials behind.

Even if you leave your typical study environment, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your notebooks, flashcards, and question banks! Go mobile with your studying and bring along your most important materials with you. For example, put them in the cloud and access them from your phone, or print some important study sheets and turn to your textbook if you’ll be without wi-fi.

Work with an Online Tutor.

No matter where you travel for the holidays, you can still work regularly with a Tutor thanks to online tutoring sessions! Whether you’re in high school or college, the Online Tutors can keep you on track with any subject of study. They’ll also be able to provide you with some suggestions about how to focus as you keep distractions at bay.

These flexible Tutors can work with you at any time of day, so reach out for help before you feel yourself falling behind. Can you say better grades in the new year? Browse through our list of Online Tutors now and book a session.

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