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Write essays like a boss!

See how an Online English Tutor can help you master it.


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No matter your age or your academic level, the ability to write an essay is an invaluable skill. Even those no longer in school can harness the power of a well-written essay to improve their job applications, communicate their passions, and more—there’s no limit to what good writing can bring!

Yes, this rings true for native and non-native English speakers alike. Both native English speakers and those learning English can benefit equally from learning how to write a high-quality essay with a clear, concise purpose.

Unfortunately, writing a good essay isn’t a talent which comes naturally to everyone, but it is a skill which can be improved. Not sure where to start when it comes to how to write a good essay?

We suggest starting with the following four steps:

Outline first

At the base of every good essay is a solid outline, so nailing the ability to create the classic five-point essay is one of the most essential strategies you can use to improve your essay writing skills.

How long is an essay? A basic five-point essay consists of five paragraphs, with a single paragraph dedicated to each of the following:

  • Introduction and statement of purpose.
  • First supporting point.
  • Second supporting point
  • Third supporting point
  • Conclusion

This structure and its more complex forms provide an ideal way to communicate effectively and in an organized way to your target audience.

Nail your grammar

Even an essay with the most extraordinary structure can suffer from poor grammar—misspellings and basic grammar mistakes may distract the audience from the essay’s primary points. Even worse, these grammar mistakes may cause an otherwise brilliant essay to appear unpolished or unprofessional.

Although English grammar can be difficult to master, the effort taken to learn basic punctuation, paragraph separation, spelling, and sentence structure is well worth the positive effect it will have on your essay.

Learn to research

Even if you’ve mastered how to write an essay, there’s always room for improvement—add some substantiating facts for additional credibility! 

In most cases, an essay can be strengthened with professional research performed by other academic groups. Once your outline is in place and your first draft is complete, search for evidence to support your claims and opinions. Utilizing research points to strengthen your argument will not only help to convince your audience of the points you’re making in the essay, but it will demonstrate your own set of skills, too.

Work with an Online English Tutor

There’s no better way to improve writing skills than to learn from a native English speaker who has mastered the craft of writing the perfect essay. Online English tutoring sessions provide a personalized opportunity to review an essay’s grammar, purpose, flow, style, tone, and more. 

With an Online English Tutor at your fingertips, you’ll learn things about your writing that will bolster you toward essay expertise. These Tutors can help you to refine your writing, master the most difficult English grammar rules, and even teach you how to start an essay if you’re having a rough time in the initial stages.

Get started today by scheduling your first online session! Browse through our list of Online English Tutors now and book a session. 

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