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Wondering which is better?

Let us show you the pros and cons.


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While online tutoring and face-to-face tutoring are both valuable options for those hoping to boost their knowledge about any subject, we’re thrilled about how online tutoring has revolutionized the tutoring and education industries.

Despite what some may say, we can assure you that online tutoring is far from a fad. In fact, in a study which surveyed nearly 300 Tutors around the world, 64% said that they participate in online tutoring. Even more significant is the fact that Online Tutors are here to stay, continually developing their craft—53% of Online Tutors have been tutoring for more than three years.

The next time you’re weighing the pros and cons of online vs. in-person tutoring, remembering the following benefits of online tutoring:

Online tutoring is often more affordable than physical tutoring sessions. If you’re looking to gain plenty of knowledge for a great value, you’ll be thrilled by what online tutoring sessions can offer for a reasonable price.

While face-to-face tutoring sessions can be difficult to coordinate, particularly if you are hoping to have multiple sessions each week, working with an Online Tutor means that you can schedule as many tutoring sessions as you like. Because online tutoring provides more flexibility than physical tutoring, Tutors are usually willing to meet more frequently. 

There’s no doubt about it—online tutoring is just more convenient! By attending tutoring sessions from the comfort of your own home, you eliminate the wasted time and expenses required for local travel. Plus, working in a familiar place can provide a sense of confidence and familiarity to those who struggle with fears related to tutoring.

Finally, attending online tutoring sessions means that you and your Tutor can coordinate the best ways to provide you or your child with the most individualized attention possible. Tutors who work face-to-face often meet their Clients in public locations, some of which may be noisy or distracting. Online tutoring, on the other hand, is much more private and focused.

In the end, deciding which tutoring service you utilize is up to you and your individual learning preferences. Online tutoring vs. face-to-face sessions will be different for everyone!

However, you can rest assured that, no matter how you choose to learn, there will be a Tutor ready to help you excel. Remember, struggling to find a local Tutor who fits your needs is a problem of the past—now, distance is no object.

Work with the best tutor, not the closest, and schedule your first meeting today! Browse through our Online Tutors now!

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