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Online Therapy: how to?

Online therapy is a great option for many reasons.

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A 2004 study published in Cyberpsychology & Behavior describes the “disinhibition effect,” a phenomenon in which individuals feel more comfortable openly sharing personal information on online platforms than they would in person.


Online therapy can occur from the comfort of your own home or even car, minimizing anxiety and apprehension that come with travel and an unfamiliar place.


Those who experience acute symptoms such as dangerous impulses or debilitating panic attacks can benefit greatly from time-sensitive care. In many cases, it can take days, weeks, or even more than a month in order to establish care with a therapist or make an appointment with an existing provider. For some, this is much too long! Online therapy scheduling is more flexible and often more immediate.


If you frequently travel for work or personal reasons, maintaining a regular therapy schedule can be difficult. With online therapy and mobile devices, however, this is no longer a concern.


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With WikiExpert, it’s easier than ever to get started. By exploring our online marketplace, you are no longer limited to local expertise—you will have opportunities to connect with therapists from around the world while utilizing secure, HD video calls. WikiExpert values professionalism, and you’ll be able to browse the profiles and publications of experts who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for.


Plus, you can engage with a therapist today and potentially start an online session right away! There are so many reasons not to wait in order to begin therapy, and even more reasons to utilize online therapy in order to begin maximizing your mental health - WikiExpert is just the tool you need in order to get started.


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