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Can't decide on which career path to take?

Get tips and advice on how to choose the best one for you.

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In this article, we provide career advice for young people. Just like many others out there, you're probably indecisive about which career is right for you and which path you should take. 

Even though you might be stressed and overwhelmed with finding the perfect career, if you're in this position, it means that you have a wide range of interests, talents and hobbies which is not a bad thing!

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Understanding yourself is the first step to choosing the right career. Read this article, Who am I - career quest, by Nina Mukherji. 

How to choose a career when you can't decide

Here are a few steps that you can take to help you to make a decision on which career path to take.

Make a list of all the careers that you have in mind


This is the starting point before you start your career journey. Start by making a list of all the careers that you have a deep interest in. 

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See how a lack of self-awareness can hinder you from finding a job. Read this article by Cindy Makita, Online Career Coach. 

Take a career aptitude test

You can take a career test online or if your school or college offers it, please do consider taking this. This will help you to determine which career suits your personality the best. This will help you with getting direction. 

Do some research

Once you have made your list you'll need to do some research about the careers you're looking at. Read about what each job will look like and then determine whether you can see yourself carrying out those duties every day. 

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See how you can develop a work ethic. Read this Ronald Scott, Online Life Coach.

Give it a try

Intern at work

If you'd like to experience what a day is like in each of your career options. A good start is to try them out! You can job shadow internships, This will give you a real-life experience of what the career looks like. This will be a good way to make your final decision. 

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This article is about how a greater sense of fulfillment, or satisfaction, can be achieved through career success. Read this article by Shaun Middleton, Online Life Coach. 


Finding the right career for you can be challenging. So, we hope you found this article helpful. If you're still struggling with choosing the most suitable career, you can read through Expert articles to help you and also follow the topic career to stay updated on the latest. 

You can also book a session with an Online Career Coach to help you to determine the best career for you.

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Our identity plays a large role in our thoughts, behaviors, and every decision we make at work and at home. Learn why a career identity is important. Written by Shannon Rollins, Online Life Coach. 

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