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Like the billions of others out there, you also want to land the career of your dreams. Or maybe you want to advance in your current job. However, it's not always that simple. If it were, each and every one of us would be succeeding and getting our dream jobs right now. 

The mistake many make is not receiving the help they need, but you can! Whether you want to change your career path, get the job you've also dreamed of, get a raise, or a promotion, you can do it. 

Even if you're unhappy with your career and you are considering changing it or you'd rather stick it out and learn to be happy, it's possible!

With the help of an Online Career Coach, you can accomplish all of this and you can be happy with your career. 

If you're struggling to get a job or you want to get a new one, an Online Career Coach can advise and guide you through every step of the way. 

What is career coaching?

Career coaching helps you to understand your goals, identify any issues that are preventing you from succeeding and any other issues you're faced with. If you're on a job hunt, through online career coaching, you can improve your resume, cover letter portfolios, learn how to master an interview and much more. 

In addition to providing you with the best tips, strategies and advice for your careers, your Career Coach will also mentor you through the process. A Coach will strive to help you achieve your career goals. 

Some benefits of career coaching:

  • Improve your resume and cover letter and personalize it toward the job you're applying for;
  • Get the best interview tips and prepare yourself beforehand so that you can ace it;
  • Boost your confidence and speaking skills; 
  • Identify any issues that are holding you back from succeeding in your current position; 
  • Learn the best strategies to get a raise or promotion;
  • Excel at your current career and improve it;
  • Get advice on career changes and through the transition;
  • If you're unhappy with your career, you can understand why and learn how to work through it. 

Meet our top Online Career Coaches.

WikiExpert has a variety of Career Coaches that are experienced, professional and friendly. You can view their profiles and read articles written by them:

Cindy Makita

She is the founder of the Hired Institute. Cindy is passionate about helping people land their ideal jobs that fit their skills and passions. She also uses proven strategies to help her Clients land their ideal jobs as quickly and as easily as possible. 

With Cindy's help, you can improve your cover letters, resume and LinkedIn profile. She will also teach you how to research a company before applying to a job posting and if you're underqualified for a job, she will advise you on the best practices. 

She is also an active publisher on WikiExpert. In her articles, you can learn more about how to attract recruiters, overcome job rejections, keep your career on track during the COVID-19 pandemic and more. 

Cindy Makita - View profile

Sudeep Ghosh

Sudeep is a Certified Career Coach by the National Career Development Association, US. He helps his Clients to choose the career path which will help with their self-development. Sudeep can also help you with goal setting and overcome the stress that you might be faced with when it comes to your current career.  

He has also published some interesting articles on WikiExpert. In his articles, you can learn more about public speaking and improve your speaking skills so that you can be more confident in your interviews and when applying for jobs. 

Sudeep also published an article that explains how jobs are not lost but transformed. He explains how you can still find opportunities and learn new skills. 

Sudeep Ghosh - View profile

Christina Talarico

Christina has been helping job seekers with getting the career of their dreams since 1992 and has helped over 1000 Clients! She is the founder of Chris Talarico & Assoc, Inc. Employment Services which an $18 million dollar a year, Award-Winning Corporation incl. INC. 500/5000. 

Christina can prepare you for your next job interview, ensure that your resume and social media profiles look professional. In addition to helping you succeed in finding or advancing your career, she will also help to achieve a work-life balance. 

She has also published interesting articles on WikiExpert. In her articles, she speaks about how to use your time wisely during the COVID-19 pandemic and tips for job searching. 

Christina Talarico

Are you ready to get the career of your dreams or advance your current one? Get help from our Top Experts! If you’d like to view more Experts, get matched with a suitable Online Career Coach now.

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