Sudeep Ghosh

Life coach

60 $ / session


I have completed electrical engineering in 2007, Certified Career Coach by National Career Development Association, US. Worked with top corporate for 12 years and was involved in DuPont safety standard implementation in large cement plants. After successful completion of my technical career, I am contributing my key skills of career coaching, soft skills training and keynote speaking since the last one year as an independent trainer.

Professional background

40 minutes of self investment in career planning prevents 40 years of struggle. Clients get benefited from online career coaching by: (1.) Choosing the career path which will help in their self development. (2.) Becoming more confident by having a personal development plan with them. (3.) Getting better results by SMARTER goal setting. (4.) Having more insights and options to grow horizontally in a career path. Online life coaching comprises of finding the cause of stress and anxiety.

How I work

B.E. (Electrical engineering)


  • Career coaching 60 $
  • Life Coaching200 $


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Are the best speakers in the world are the ones who are born with the quality of public speaking?

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