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Our Thoughts

Our brain is a wonderful organ, and the way it works is understood but not fully.

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Our brain works in so many different ways. It is one organ that uses a lot of energy. Whether it’s the blood flow, or the firing of our electrical impulses, or the chemicals that run through.  There has been so much research of the brain, and how it works. We still do not understand much about it, and adding the layer of genetics makes it even more complicated.

We formulate thoughts all day, and we don’t actually know how they come to be. It is a fascinating process, how something just comes to your mind. More than most of us know, most of our thoughts and ideologies and behaviors and ways to view the world come from very young years.  Our young years are very important and Erick Erickson the god of Child development lays it out nicely in every stage, how our development is occurring.  Everything that occurred in our young years, where our brain was shaping and developing will affect who we are today, and how we view the world. Every experience repeated or not will impact how we view the world.  This is very important as adults to try to understand why we think the way we think? Why we view the world the way we do? Is this a trauma reaction or is this realism that we are looking at? Why are we the way we are, and why do we behave certain ways? Everything comes from our childhood. This is very important when it comes to counselling and helping ourselves and developing strategies to grow and flourish. We need to go back and understand why we are wired this way. It’s like a computer, we are a computer that built itself. No matter what connection on that hard drive you wired together you will still function, however it may not be the fastest most efficient way. So we need to be able to dive deep and find out the reasons, and re wire. I am no electrician but I know rewiring is very hard, and hardest when it’s our own brain.

Our development directly influences our thoughts and behaviors and our behaviors influence our feelings. Everything is a cycle, and if one part of the cycle is not functional. The only way to fix it is to break the entire cycle and re implement it differently.

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