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Montreux Jazz Festival, celebration of jazz and well known music, comprising fundamentally of shows and rivalries, held every year in Montreux, Switz. 


The primary Montreux Jazz Festival was held in 1967 at the Montreux Casino sitting above Lake Geneva. It was a three-day occasion including the Charles Lloyd Quartet, an American gathering, close by twelve members in a rivalry for European jazz specialists. Organized again the next year, the celebration was stretched out to five days to oblige more visitor specialists—most outstandingly the American musician Bill Evans and the American singer Nina Simone—and expanded interest in the opposition. The Montreux Jazz Festival therefore turned into a yearly issue, and it kept on developing, both in term and in scope. By the last part of the 1970s it ordinarily spread over about fourteen days in ahead of schedule to mid-July and enveloped jazz as well as a diverse blend of blues, gospel, soul, rock, and other famous music classes. 

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