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Five Ways To Improve Communication For Couples

Ways To Improve communication for couples to strengthen love, marriage and relationships.

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  • Active Listening

When communicating with your partner, practice active listening. Be completely present. Never engage in a conversation just for the sake of hearing and respond with your fixed ideas.

  •   Comprehend 

Some chose to know or be aware of the information. Comprehend the whole message that your partner is conveying. Comprehend means understanding in detail and also measuring your partner's thoughts and feelings about the  conversation.

  •  Stop Giving Negative Feedbacks

In a conversation, when your partner shares with you a problem, stop criticising or giving negative feedbacks everytime. Take the efforts to understand, structure your words positively and explain to them why you agree or disagree. At times, you just have to listen.

  • Sensitivity

Feel....feel....when you are talking to your partner. Always put yourself in their shoes. Be sensitive to their thoughts and feelings.

  • Reflect and Improve Your Communication

If you did not communicate well, improve speaking better and effectively the next time. Reflect on your areas of improvement and work on it. Discard dysfunctional interaction patterns.

Start practicing these for a happier relationship.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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