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The Five Cs That Hinder A Happy Relationship

Guides readers to be conscious about the five Cs that affect a relationship.

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The Five Cs That Hinder A Happy Relationship 

Stop consistent complaining about your partner. Stop complaining to others about your partner. Consistent complaining shows a lack of appreciation and gratitude in the relationship.

Stop criticising. Many partners might think positive criticism is good and end up over doing it. Before we criticise about the untidy room of others, we have to ensure that our own room is clean.

Stop calling your partner names. Those mockery, harsh, hurtful and silly names, used to call your partner is never funny, it just reflects about how much love and care is present in the relationship. Moreover, talking about your partner's personal limitations to express your passive aggression is never a wise action.

Careless means having less care. Do not expect your partner to fulfil your needs and expectations when your partner is going through a tough day at work. You need to show care by giving them space and assurance. Be more careful when dealing with your partners' thoughts and emotions. Practice mutual sensitivity.

Stop comparing your partner with another person. Everyone is a masterpiece and everyone has unique qualities. Stop comparing your partner's looks, weight, personality and skills with another person.

Have a happy relationship by being conscious over these five Cs.




Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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