Have you ever thought about what you really want in your life ?


What really makes you fulfilled?


What gives you more energy?


If you are the person who has a hard time finding what you really want in terms of career, lifestyle, relationship, meaningful life, then, perhaps , your mind has been too busy. Similarly, you are somehow confused about what you want and tend to shut down your feelings a long time ago.


How can you make that clear enough?

1. Ponder and ask yourself, what if I were the person who knows what she/he wants and what would that be?

Or what if there was no limitation and miracle happened in your life, at that time what would you really want to be or to have?


2. If you still do not get any answer from the first step or if your mind says " I don't Know" yet, You can say but I am willing to know.

Then try to find some people you admire around you or any role model that you know. See what is interesting about their lives that you would like to have  and List those items.


3. You can watch movies or read some books and try to get some ideas from them. Remember, be always curious to find some good ideas for your life. Then list those all as well.


4. Now, with your list, try to prioritize what you have written, and figure out which one you really want to have. You can also play with them in your imagination and see which one gives you a profound feeling. Which one do you tend to have more dreams about. Hence, by visioning practice, you will surely get a deeply pleasant feeling.


5. When you find your pleasant idea, try to put it into the task and apply it to your real life for at least for 3 months to see whether it gives you the same feeling as in visioning practice and you want to keep it in your life or not. If it doesn't work, you can go ahead for the next idea on your list. 


Just feel free to sit in a one-on-one session with me. By working together, I would be able to guide you to clear up your mind and break your current pattern in order to build up an amazing new pattern for you.