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Invest in your future through Coachingfor Performance Improvement and Career Development

Each of us is influenced by our upbringing- we listen,learn and adopt words, attitudes, beliefs and actions of those around us- we are a summary of our past- Coaching is a process to help us reflect - to re-evaluate how we wish to move forward. Coaching a

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Managing is complex- we require several hats at any time. As a Team leader we need to balance the needs of the team and the skills required to complete a task. The interactions of each member of the team can impact on the likelihood of a good task outcome- feelings, emotions, personal agendas, confidence - skills in interactions and the need for belonging- all have an impact- the role of the team leader is that of policeman, social worker, coach, and manager often wearing all hats at one time.

Promotion  is in the main welcomed- but quickly you can become hero to zero. If you have technical or financial skills you may not have been given development in people management or acquired a good level of "soft skills". Equally customer facing roles may mean you have an abundance of people skills but need to acquire the ability to work to targets or to delegate.

Executives in larger organisations often have more management development opportunities-whatever your situation- It is unlikely that we all have all of the admirable strengths necessary to be an all rounder in the management league tables. This is where coaching can be the best investment in yourself you can ever make.

Coaching is about the now and your future- time to look at what your future should look like- you need to look at where you are now- are you where you want to be? Are you very aware of the skill set you need to improve- are you comfortable that you are using your strengths you have? If the answer is - not sure, maybe, no, or not at all then Coaching willl suit you.

I can  guarantee that once you have completed a coaching programme you will have grown as a person. Partly in view of the commitment required - Coaching needs effort to reflect and make changes and partly because once you have developed a greater awareness of yourself - you can never go back- the box has opened and the true you has revealed itself.  Business is complex and requires innovative, creative and technological leadership- using a Coach to help you reflect - has the ability to help you decide if you want to become a business Champion - if so - the routemap can be laid out and your route and milestones planned with clarity and confidence.

So Invest in you today and drop us an email. 

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