Hazel Ware

Business Coach

196 $ / session
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We are more than we think we are, we have more skills, attributes and importantly we have the potential to learn and apply our learning for our own development - we just need to become more self aware, more committed to grow and allow ourselves to achieve success- however we measure success. I am your Coach- encouraging you to challenge yourself - to walk with you - to support you and to congratulate you on your results.

Professional background

MSc Management Sciences, Accredited Coach executive coach

How I work

Business Coaching Individual sessions of 60minutes plus self development work book£150 Personal Transformational Programme over 90 days-with 5x 60 minute coaching sessions plus self development workbook, weekly reviews £750 payable in equal instalments of £150 prior to each session or at the outset (10% discount for 90 day prog for paying at time of booking. All coaching programmes include self assessments and questionnaires to assist in self development , reviews and completion certificate.



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Invest in your future through Coachingfor Performance Improvement and Career Development

Each of us is influenced by our upbringing- we listen,learn and adopt words, attitudes, beliefs and actions of those around us- we are a summary of our past- Coaching is a process to help us reflect - to re-evaluate how we wish to move forward. Coaching a

Hazel Ware  | 29 February, 2020