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How to overcome anxiety over stressing period

I am here to help - coaching sessions, training and mindfulness sessions available over telephone/ Zoom/ WhatsApp

Alina Spinu

Life Coach

90 $ / session

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During this stressing period of the coronavirus fear, we should focus more than ever on healthy and peaceful thoughts. 

If you feel anxiety, fear and other emotions related, or if you have no idea how to manage this on your own, the best thing to do is to search for advice to overcome the fear.

I offer coaching session on how to do that and we can as well have empowering conversations to help you with that.  I provide individual coaching sessions over a videocall/telephone conversation so you don't have to think about any travel, you can be at your home and benefit from it. 

The sessions are about one hour long and in accordance with the Code of Ethics in Coaching ensuring trust, professionalism and customer privacy.

The customer who needs coaching seeks to overcome borders in terms of personal development, working with himself/herself to find the answers from within.

Coaching. How? 

1. establishing the conditions and objectives and defining the terms (identify whether goals are some that can be obtained after a process of coaching, establish the cost and the number of sessions required).

2. implementing the process (coaching sessions conducted in a supportive and motivational environment where we  communicate assertively - assertiveness is the most effective way of solving interpersonal problems). Lange and Jacubowski (1976) -"assertiveness involves defending personal rights and expressing thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate, without violating the rights of others".

3. Identifying the necessary RESOURCES through powerful questions (coaches develop existing resources, capabilities and customers' ability to fulfill its objective).

4. Generate action plan (any coaching process ends with the implementation of the action plan: thinking becomes part of reality through action.)

5. Monitoring and feedback results (evaluate the level of fulfillment of objectives)

What do customers get after life coaching sessions:

- identifying bottlenecks and finding solutions in a shorter time;

- improving the decision-making mechanism;

- healthy relationships, harmonious, constructive;

- growth and self-esteem;

- clarify the direction of life: purpose, mission, values;

- performance in various aspects of their lives. 


Mindfulness for your wellness.

Some relaxation and breathing techniques can help your brain to stay healthy. During guided meditation you will release stress and negative thoughts and offer your brain moments of peace and calm!

Remember that emotions can overwhelm rationality, so let's stay rational and do what keeps us safe both physically and mentally. 

I will be more than happy to help. 


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