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Release fear and feel peace now

I know the world is under stress and fear at the moment, so I created this article and meditation to bring peace to all.

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Hello lovelies,

I want to invite us all to focus on what we do want instead of 'what is' (the panic going around, is the 'what is'). Ask yourself what do I want to see happen for the world? Do you want to see people feeling peace? Healthy people? What positive thing(s) do you want for the planet and humanity? 

Yes I know what’s going on globally right now is in our face 24/7. It’s on the news, on social media, everyone’s hot topic to talk about. But there are so many more positive topics to talk about. The solution is already there, we just have to line up with receiving it. And how do we do that? By not focusing so much on the problem. Energy healing is one of the solutions I had! I will share a visualization to release fear towards the bottom of this article.

" The solution is already there, we just have to line up with receiving it "

The reason we feel so much fear right now, is because We are all so connected. We can’t help but to feel the fear going around from others. But what if just one of us focused on there being a solution. You as an individual would be feeding into the solution instead of the problem. So with that thought it’s going to make this better, not worse. 


Am I with this thought adding momentum to the solution or the problem?

- Abraham


As hard as it may be for some to read this: This is truly a blessing in so many ways. Our very daily routine is being disrupted. And for that it can be a good thing. Trying new things, thinking of ways to make your day more enjoyable without the daily routine (sometimes mundane routine) getting in the way. Creating a healthy way of living this being a global health focus and all. 


" This is truly a blessing in so many ways! "


This is a perfect time to do things you love and that make you happy! Without guilt. If we focus on all the suffering thats happening globally, it doesn’t help humanity, it only hinders it. When you are happy, you are helping humanity more than you know. Now that we are all taking time for ourselves, it’s the perfect time to do what brings you joy. This gives us time to focus on ourselves and our loved ones’ wellbeing. Time to focus on the projects that make you happy! 

" Time for ourselves "

I listed some suggestions to help us all focus on the solution. What we want to see happen!

  1. Do some nice stretching, yoga, meditation, grounding, and exercising at home.

  2. Deep breathing 

  3. Just resting. (sometimes thats what our body needs, not doing anything for a little while.)

  4. Watch funny movies! 

  5. Connect with your children, your pets, spouse etc

  6. Connect with yourself, this is a perfect time to do that, to get back to YOU! Not your work obligation, this is giving you that opportunity.

  7. Create a healthy self-care routine.

  8. Dance, laugh, play board games, and listen to uplifting music!

  9. Cook healthy meals at home.


There are so many positive things we can do right now. Keeping calm, smile, and tell yourself it’s all good, and it’s all going to be ok. We will get through this together, through our positive and hopeful thinking.

Click the downloadable link below to listen to the meditation I created for all who come across this article, it was meant for you. I hope it helps you feel inner peace and well-being.

Guided Meditation

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