I’ve been working for Florida State University for 5 years and I’m excited to start using the knowledge that I’ve learned through their programs and support. As an academic advisor, my main goal is to ensure that all students are getting everything they want from their college experience and that includes much more than academics. I take a holistic advising approach when I work with students because a well-rounded individual is more than just their grades. I encourage students to become involved in their career development and choosing a career path starts before graduation.  I work with students in my college from orientation to graduation, which also includes some recruitment for students who are unsure about declaring a major. I have extensive knowledge regarding Liberal Studies requirements for graduation as well as valuable knowledge of curriculum and career development. I’m aware that some majors are limited access or require certain classes be taken on map and we plan schedules accordingly to avoid mapping holds in the future. I enjoy spending time drafting sample schedules for students with high hours or double majors to avoid going over excess credit before graduating and adjust scheduling conflicts. The majority of my research in graduate school was dealing with transfer students and transfering credit to college. I did a little research on curriculum development and what motivates students to want to do better in school and acheive academic success.