Why I became an online A Level Chemistry Tutor

After tutoring face to face for several years I decided to try online tuition...

The first time I tried online tuition I have to admit I was very nervous.  I talked and asked questions for about half an hour until I eventually thought I'm now going to have to write on this whiteboard.

My writing was only just about legible but thankfully my student enjoyed the lesson and carried on having online lessons.

This built up my confidence and as my writing improved, I learned how to easily cut and paste chemistry resources, learned how to take photos of student's questions and display them on the screen, improved my internet connection, webcam and audio. A screenshot of calculating lattice enthalpy on a whiteboard during online tuition is shown above.. 

The best thing I noticed was when I tried online A Level Chemistry tuition with my face to face students they preferred online.  Even though they still had the face to face option they chose online.

They don't have a 6ft adult tutor towering over their work at home.  We are both the same size on the screen. 

They can choose to write on the same whiteboard or use old fashioned pen and paper and just tell me or show me the answer.  The work is saved online and can be referred to over and over again.

My students thankfullý have achieved great results from online tuition. A parent recently posted on my facebook page how I'd helped her daughter move from grade D to A through online tuition and "if only school had the impact Paul has".  This testimonial is displayed below. Lots of other similar examples are given on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Website pages.

I'm now a full time online A Level Chemistry Tutor and look forward to hearing from anyone interested in improving their understanding, confidence and grades in A Level Chemistry through online tuition.

Paul Morgan BSc MSc PGCE 








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