Connect To Happiness

Happiness is the number one ingredient to living a fulfilled life. But do you focus enough on bringing it into each day?

What does happiness mean to you?

Is it something you focus on bringing into your life every single day?

Or is it something that you don't really focus on and if it comes into your day than that's an added bonus?

I really hope it is not the last option that you choose everyday. Happiness should be what everyone is aiming to bring into their life, but rarely many of us often do.

Too many strive to work hard and get stuck in the routine of life, that they forget why they live in the first place.

If happiness is not what you are striving for then why are you striving?

And if striving is not bringing you happiness along with it then again, why are you striving?

Life is a gift and it is a gift of joy, blessings, and happiness in everything we do. This is the key element of life.

Without happiness being at the core of everything you do, you become an empty shell of work and no play.

Connection, love, and joy are what is needed to succeed. You can have all the business or financial success in the world, but if you are not bringing happiness into everything you do, it really isn't true success.

So how do you bring more happiness into your life?

Stop focusing on the hurdles you feel you have to overcome before you can focus on happiness. Let go every so often and trust in you and doing something every day that you enjoy.

Make time to laugh and smile. Connect with those that make you laugh or connect to that good feeling within through meditation.

Attend a laughter yoga group (highly recommended) to do something out of the ordinary.

Remember, success is only success if you are happy while you are on your journey. If this is missing, it can never really be a true success.

Also, from a Law of Attraction perspective - connecting to happiness every day will raise your vibration which in return will speed up manifesting what you want from life.

So it's always a win-win situation.

So here's your challenge...connect to happiness right now. Either connect to the feeling of it in what you are doing or stop what you are doing and do something else that makes you smile.

Whatever it is give yourself that gift of bringing happiness not just in today but in every day of your life. You won't be disappointed and life will be that much more rewarding.

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