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Richard Coles


I am a professional Tutor in Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside, England. I am a successful and effective Teacher with 28 years experience. I have 10 years experience teaching in Primary schools and 18 years experience teaching Key Stage 3 & GCSE Maths in Secondary schools. I have also taught Maths to adults and in Further Education. I have a consistently good record of helping students to achieve exam success. I uphold the post-threshold standards for effective teachers. I hold degree, teaching and diploma certificates relevant to teaching Mathematics. I am a GCSE Exam Marker for EDEXCEL. I have Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) Status and Safeguarding training.

Professional background

Teacher of Mathematics


How I work

I can help students to improve their understanding of mathematics and, as a result, their confidence, and grades. Students can make considerable progress in a one-to-one situation. Difficulties can be overcome quickly and areas of concern can be quickly highlighted, by employing a patient and friendly approach. Whether you need only a couple of intensive lessons on a particular topic or regular support for your studies, I can help you and would be very happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. Whatever your needs, I am confident of helping you to achieve. Key Benefits of Personal Tuition · We will have time to discuss your issues with mathematics in detail · You can ask me for help with whatever you like · We will work at your own pace · Our lessons will be planned around you rather than a class of 30 · I won’t laugh or be annoyed if you get something wrong · We can review material covered in previous lessons

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A Plan of Action to Succeed in Maths Exams

To achieve your best and get the highest GCSE grade you possibly can, you need a plan of action. Maths tuition can give you the extra boost you need.

04 December 2018
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