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Nilesh Shah


I tutor/teach students the new UK maths GCSE (9-1) plus Secondary levels (KS3 & KS4) and maths Primary levels (KS1 & KS2). I am very friendly, approachable and have proven track record to bring best academic potential out of students. I am happy to discuss your requirements without any obligations. I am based in London, Kingsbury (NW9) very close to the underground. I spend time as required with students to work out together their areas of strength and areas they require to build up on, which is normally done in the first few lessons. Nearly all my student achieve better grades than they initially targeted. One recent GCSE MATHS student commented: "Thank you for your help in the time you've been tutoring me, you've taught me hell of a lot, way more than my teachers have in 2 years." Although "it" says I travel 1 mile, its only with very special arrangement with regards to travel, but majority of my maths tutorial lessons are conducted at my home or on line.

Professional background

ex-college Lecturer.


How I work

Currently use skype and other on line tools. I would ask and work out where you find maths challenges, and go through with you topic by topic and doing examples and a session would last about 55 minutes. I would also set you homework which we would mark together in the next session. I would also do past papers if you are sitting for exams example GCSE or iGSCE.

tutoring £35

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