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Antony Stanley-Clarke


I have been a full-time professional private tutor in Maths and Science for the past 5+ years, accruing over 100 students and 3000 hours of experience. I work with students for GCSE Maths & Science, A-Level Maths, Further Maths & Physics and Undergraduate Physics. Most of my clients have been on a one-to-one basis, of which on average I tend to work with over the course of 2 years. Outside of the academic setting, I am a qualified coaching assistant with England Athletics for Bristol & West Athletics Club where I coach the javelin throw. More often you can find me on a yoga mat and gymnastic strength training, which provide a solid foundation for my rock climbing passion.

Professional background

B.Sc. Physics. M.Sc. Nanotechnology. M.Res. Quantum Information Science in Diamond


How I work

Sensitive and attentive in order to be able to discern your needs. Devising long-term progression. Considering where everyone (student/parent/school teacher) is coming from to create complementary sessions. Establish gaps that are not being filled in the classroom. Consistency and reliability to enable the relationship to develop. Get to know you as a student, making a welcome and relaxed setting. Discerning when you need a soft touch, a firm hand, inspiration, or encouragement. Supporting your self-reflection to help build confidence and natural esteem. Encouragement to be open with getting things wrong - a necessary step in getting things right. Spending time developing exam technique early on in the academic year, helping you become familiar and relaxed with exam-style questions. Clear communication with parents and students, with regular check-ins to assist progress.

GCSE Tuition £35

A-Level Tuition £40

Undergraduate Tuition £45

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The Power of Private Tuition

A discussion of some of the negative social dynamics in the classroom environment affects students and how private tuition can be a remedy.

11 December 2018
Antony Stanley-Clarke has not published an article yet.


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