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Muriel H Nxumalo is a Life Coach who genuinely inspires and encourages people not to give up on themselves and their dreams. My previous work experience and coaching experience has produced a combination of skills that has helped define my unique coaching abilities that will help your coaching journey to be more rewarding. My fulfillment comes from seeing results in the client’s life i.e when the client starts to live a more meaningful, fulfilled and impactful life.

Professional background

I am a certified Integral Coach. I hold my qualification from New Ventures West and University of Cape Town

How I work

I contact the client as soon as I have their details to set up a discovery session. In this session I get to clarify the their expectations from coaching. Based on the client's needs, we will therefore decided on number of sessions or coaching package suitable for them. My coaching style allows for a genuinely safe & relaxed atmosphere and offers clear & practical actions after each coaching session to assist with achieving the desired outcome.