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Hey all, My name is Xavier. I am not better than you. As a matter of fact, I am on the same journey as you all. Still trying to figure it out. I have some success though on perspective and how to stay the course no matter how dangerous the waters get. Being emotionally capable to handle the waves we all go through. With family, career, dreams and goals. Ive been and I am in those trenches with you ladies, gents, and persons. I am here to give you perspective that you might not of seen before.

Professional background

AA in Sociology Certificate in Music Production and Business. 8 yrs entrepreneur (record producer, artist, management)

How I work

I usually hold most of my sessions in the morning or at night. And in the form most comfortable to the client. All session are held via zoom but camera is of course optional. I usually have my camera on but its ok for clients to have them off if they feel comfortable. I have block sessions usually for 30 min and 1 hr 30 min: $35 1hr: $60 No contracts and clients book in advance how many sessions they need (with dates and their zoom email) within that month via email: [email protected]


  • Life Coach & Encouragement. We Are All In The Same Boat

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