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I am a passionate, honest and creative Life & Career coach. Since a very young age I´ve been a “restless butt” always aiming for adventure and change, I´ve been always interested in personal growth. I travelled a lot for both work and pleasure. I am an optimistic (but not delusional) dreamer: I want to change the world and we can only change it first, by changing our own world. I think it only takes one person to change it: YOU.

Professional background

Life and Executive Coach certifications Mentoring certification

How I work

I help women to have more fulfilment in their life by giving them the tools, to take risks, and to dare to do the things they really want to do, overcoming whatever is holding them back. I help them setting up the right goals, analize and improve their reality, develop courage instead of fear, and set up a plan and sound strategy to move forward once the process is over. Check what my clients says:



Developing Courage

Inspirational post, to develop couarage.

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