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At an early age I internalized the idea that the people who rule the world are the ones asking the questions, not answering them, As the years went the embrace of this simple idea led me to regard every problem as a learning experience. This perspective has enabled me to not only recognize problems but, more importantly, to find solutions. With this in mind , what question led you to visit my profile? Did you get the answer? If not, what question(s) do you need to get answers to?

Professional background

Life Coach, Military Veteran, Teacher, Writer, Publicist, Mortgage Banker, Real Estate Broker, Pianist

How I work

I'm not into life coaching to make money. As a senior citizen, with more than half a century of real life experience, I only wish to be there to help you find answers to your questions. If I don't have the answers, I'll do everything in my power to help you find them.



Sex: The Six Month Rule

The path to a truly fulfilling relationship.

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Dealing with the Fear of Failure

The best way to deal with the fear of failure is to recognize it as a potential learning experience.

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Self-Doubt: Learning to Deal with the Inner Critic

How the ‘inner critic’ led me to abandon my dreams.

Ronald Scott  | 11 found this helpful

Overcoming the Sense of Inadequacy

How Pablo Picasso dealt with people who took his time and effort for granted.

Ronald Scott  | 17 found this helpful

The Incompetent Smuggler

Always be mindful about drawing a conclusion, even when it would appear there is an abundance of data to support it.

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Who Needs a College Education?

It may come as a surprise to some but one doesn't have to have a college education to succeed in life.

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Mandatory Reading

If you really want to realize your full potential, you really need to read two books.

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Critical Thinking 101

This interaction between a professor and his student illustrates how important it is to think.

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Comedic Introspection

Nothing quite like a sense of humor to put one's place on the social spectrum in perspective.

Ronald Scott  | 10 found this helpful

On Pretentiousness and Impertinence

Never be afraid to speak your mind especially when confronted by the pretentious.

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How I Developed a Work Ethic

Don't wait until your life is on the line to develop a work ethic.

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Expectations: Dealing with the Black Swan

Sometimes we get so enthralled with an idea that we ignore the potential hazards that may accompany it.

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Dealing with Resentment

A simple strategy to remind us that resentment is not only emotionally draining but a total waste of valuable time.

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