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Monique Wilson-Edwards is a Mother, GED recipient, 2x College Graduate, Book Publisher, Author and Life Coach. Taking life by storm since the age of sixteen and now ensuring others can do the same. Self-discovery and healing are key factors in her coaching strategies. Most of her life was no walk in the park but faith, strength and persistence lead Monique to stay undefeated. Standards remain high as she glides through life in prominence. Changing lives and perspectives of many.

Professional background

Associate's and Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration, Certified Life Coach, Certified Book Publisher

How I work

Coaching sessions can be granted in several different ways: FREE 30 minute analysis call, 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions, monthly sessions, inspirational lecture sessions, discovery sessions, etc. If in need of more hands on sessions, we offer a program that grants personalized quizzes, journaling assignments, core finding exercises, analysis and reflection.