Teresa Salhi

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Teresa Salhi, CEO & Founder of EMPOWER THE DREAM, has helped hundreds of women to be more successful in their personal lives, love life, and career. Specializing in self mastery, feminine leadership, new entrepreneurship, purpose, feminine empowerment and attracting their perfect romantic partner; as a popular Life Coach, Author and Media host. Teresa currently resides in Phoenix, AZ where she is married to her beloved husband whom she met while traveling the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia.

Professional background

Former corporate executive turned Founder of Empower The Dream, coaching and resources in Self Mastery. A life coach, ce

How I work

I am a former corporate gal turned passionate entrepreneur and feminine genius success coach for women. Unshakable believer in all things spiritual and divine, a philanthropist, healthy living advocate and sometimes writer. Dedicated to helping you become the woman you most want to be as you embody your Feminine Genius. More .. Born in the Midwest, USA Creator - Awakened Love Marathon Runner US and Abroad Volunteer & Project Leader Displaced Children Loves Hot Yoga & Green Smoothies Meditation



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By embracing your feminine leadership and self-mastery skills, the external success, confidence and romance comes so much easier. If you are tired of what is not working, let me show you another way. It's about the balance and alignment of your glorious

Teresa Salhi  | 14 October, 2020