Michael DiIorio

Life Coach

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I am a certified Life & Wellness Coach, writer, and founder of Wellismo, a wellness blog that intersects personal development and sexuality. After 10+ years in corporate leadership positions, I switched gears. I became a certified coach so that I could work directly with clients to guide them through their own personal transformation. It is my calling. I coach clients of all genders and sexual preferences, but my speciality is helping gay men developing mindset mastery and emotional maturity.

Professional background

Digital Marketing, Performance Coaching, Corporate Finance

How I work

In my corporate days, I lead teams of between 6-14 employees. I coached my employees for professional performance in those roles and bring that skillset to my personal coaching. I use a collaborative approach with my clients. I provide a supportive, safe space where clients can learn practical mental and emotional skills that create the results they are seeking. My experience navigating the challenges of gay culture gives me a unique insight and understanding into the gay man's struggle.


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Love Him or Leave Him

"You don't get to tell people how to love you. You get to see how they are loving and then choose whether or not you want to participate."

Michael DiIorio  | 29 August, 2020