Cheries Dupee

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I was married for 27 years until my husband passed away in 2005. This was life-changing for me. My background was in management and training. Eventually, I had the desire to help other women who experienced trauma in their life. This brought me to where I am today as an author and relationship consultant. I have over 40 years of relationship experience. My professional studies include human services and psychology. My passion is to help women know their worth by understanding self-love.

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Author and Life Coach

How I work

I consult with clients via zoom or phone calls. My new book soon to be released: Red Flags Multiply; A Women's 90 Day Guide to Relationship Competency is one of the tools that I will use for dating issues. I will complete an assessment to understand you and the challenges you need to work through. I give clients the tools needed to navigate and discover solutions to help them solve their problems.