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I am Katerina Stojmenova, and i am a Certified Mindset Coach. Once i was in a situation where i had to overcome some limiting beliefs, patterns, structure my thoughts and heal some wounds to live the life i wanted to live and achieve my goals. By learning the procedure to change my thought/beliefs i have experienced a new way of being myself from a place of love with infinite possibilities, i make choices from a place of empowerment and i am committed to growth.

Professional background

Certified Mindset Coach

How I work

I work with individuals who are fully dedicated to creating their dream life from the inside out. using tools, strategies and powerful questions i help you find more direction, clarity and purpose, structure your thinking, achieve the goals you have set out for yourself, make lasting positive changes, explore the limits you place on yourself with your thinking, identify what mindset you hold and how to improve it, have more self -acceptance and self-confidence, develop an action plan.



Are you truly Free?

Thoughts affect our Emotions Emotions affect our Behaviour

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