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About George Stack George's practice is designed to offer quality solutions tapered to each individual's needs. He has over 20 years of experience in Australian and international counselling work. He handles a wide range of clients seeking healthy choices, including individuals, couples, and organisations. George can help you overcome the difficulties you are dealing with through online therapy. Through the use of expert counselling techniques, George can help you with depression, anxiety, str

Professional background

Registered Australian Counsellor.

How I work

How exactly are George's services structured? Simply: George's counselling is built on cultivating a strong sense of self-knowledge. It is relationship-based, respectful, empathetic, and caring. He uses insight and listening to help patients develop self-awareness of their current belief systems, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions.



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How Do I Get My Relationship Back On Track?

In today’s article, we’re going to offer some useful tips to get your relationship back on track.

George Stack  | 7 October, 2020

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The History of Online Counselling

Online counselling, also referred to as e-counselling and telecounselling, which is mental health services.

George Stack  | 24 July, 2020

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How Divorce/Separation Impacts Family & Children

If you have children and you are getting divorced, you need to consider the emotional damage they will have to endure.

George Stack  | 16 July, 2020

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How To Manage Anxiety

How To Manage Anxiety For thousands of years, anxiety has been an issue that society has needed to deal with. Change now.

George Stack  | 13 July, 2020