Jill Hughes

Life Coach

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I do more than coach. I'm here to help you solve your problem & give you real answers, not just ask how you feel. If there's such a thing as being a child prodigy in how to communicate and give advice, I'm it. I was counseling and targeting problems by the age of THIRTEEN. Whether its a business decision or an interpersonal problem with a coworker, friend or family member, I can provide help that yields lightning bolt results!! Maybe you just need to know how to say something? I can help!

Professional background

Master Lifecoach, 25+yr Relationship & Communication Expert/Lifecoach, BA-Communications

How I work

I'm very informal - we'll just talk. Confidentiality goes without saying altho I'm happy to sign something. Initially, you receive a free 15-minute trial session. All paid sessions are one hour and scheduled via zoom or skype whenever is convenient for you. You'll be shocked at how quickly things will start to change and become clearer. Promise.