Con Tastzidis

Business Coach

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Helped over 1000 businesses over 40 years. During this time, working with and observing all sized local and international business & property real estate companies/owners and investors. From small cafes to tourist retail businesses. To manufacturing to the broader domestic and international brands including Sheraton International Hotels, Resort Hotels of Australia, L. J. Hooker Hotel & Tourism and Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts.

Professional background

Hotel, Tourism & Property Senior management positions & multi business owner.

How I work

Have an initial free no-obligation consultation to help the client identify their perfect scenario. We then tailor a program to help the client establish more clarity in their lives, reduce roadblocks/uncertainties and be more productive so that they are on course to move up to their next level of development. More importantly less time on their business and more time to enjoy time with the things that matter to them most. Money-back guarantee if not satisfied after the first 2 sessions.