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What is your career Worth?

Many people only think of the monetary value of our jobs when we lose our job

Mary Whitaker

Life Coach

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Many people only think of the monetary value of our jobs when we lose our job.

Instead of reacting to a job loss start thinking what your career is worth to you outside the monetary pay cheque? We spend many hours at work, do you enjoy it? Is it giving your personal satisfaction? Are you meeting financial obligations for the present and tomorrow? Are you being challenge enough?  Is your educational or professional development courses helping you doing your job better? Is your current position leading to career growth? Is your career moving forward or do your feel stuck?

Is your work a job or a career? In the labour market today, people are changing jobs to meet their individual motivation and taking control of their career progression. People are not willing to stay in a job they do not enjoy or be there until they retire. Research has indicated that many people will change careers 5 times in their lifetime of working. As well Millennials have showed employers that if the position is not meeting their personal satisfaction, they will change jobs every 2 or 3 years to gain more experience, to advance their careers or do something totally different.  This morning I spoke to an individual who described his job search as being in job purgatory as he was applying for jobs just to pay the bills and many employers were telling him he was overqualified.  So one of his challenges is to find jobs that match his education levels that will be interesting for him for a period of time.

By understanding your value and how you can contribute to an employer needs to match your own your career development, satisfaction and goals.  Understanding what motivates you to go to work every day is essential in your career development. If you get up and dread going to work, then it is time for you to take charge of your career and move it in a different direction.  A Career Coach can provide guidance by doing career assessments, giving you guidance as to educational requirements, labour demands and what is realistic to your needs. Is your career based on the money you earn or the satisfaction you receive from doing it? 

People will invest in financial and insurance needs but not their careers. So how important is your career to your well-being?

Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 16 years’ experience. She has assisted many individuals in  their career transition to their next employment opportunity that meets thier career goals.  Check out her website for a complete description of all her services at



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