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My Branding Story and Steps: FIND YOUR FOOL - FREE YOUR SOUL

Choosing the right branding for your company is crucial. Here is my branding story and 3 simple but vital branding steps!

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When setting up your own business, choosing the right branding is a vital step, and equally important is to make your branding clear to your audience, or you'll be alone in understanding your offerings.

I recently ordered a new batch of business cards for a networking event in London, which includes my Gr8fool business tagline:


The slogan came to me during a life coaching session, over a year ago.  It summed up nicely the conversation with my Coach, while explaining the mission behind my new company. But is it clear enough?

I sometime wonder if the message is as clear to others as it is to me.  In this post, I explain my branding message and share three simple branding steps I learnt from my humble experience as a self-made entrepreneur.


Branding is not your Logo; it is your What, your How and your Why.  The Logo is a means to communite your branding, your message, your identity.

My clients have a desire to experience joy again, through change, growth or escapism.  When working with me, they are encouraged to discover, befriend and manage whatever is stopping them, and to let go of any unnecessary attachments by adopting a more joyful, grateful and foolish attitude to life.


Gr8fool offers a process for finding your Fool, to reconnect with love for life and feel freer to live in alignment with who you truly are and want to be.  The outcome? A free Soul.

BRANDING TIP 1: Who Are You?

Whether you are the brand or you have a product or services brand, get clear on who you or they are.  Start simple by defining your What, your How and your Why.  What do you or your products do and offer.  How do you or they deliver this.  And Why, what's the purpose.

What does Gr8fool do?  The company's mission is to help people find happiness and freedom in their journeys.

How does it do this? Primarily through individual and group life coaching sessions, delivered with a fun and light-hearted approach, at home, at school or in the office (so to say).  New exciting tools will be revealed in the coming months!

And Why? To bring more light, peace and love to the World.

BRANDING TIP 2: Who's Your Audience?

Get clear on your audience. Who are the people who will be attracted to you and your products? Knowing who your brand can and wants to support is very important. 

Gr8fool people want to experience joy and fall in love with life again. They are looking to upgrade their experience and escape from routine or monotony.  They crave variety, fun, wellbeing; something that will lift their spirit, and make them feel great.

They are tired of the same old, same old, hence they're committed to turn things up a notch, embrace more adventure and get their hands dirty.  Gr8fool's target audience is therefore people who are not afraid to step out of the norm, reconnect with their inner, free child and experience a more playful approach.

With that open, free attitude, all becomes possible!

BRANDING TIP 3: Let Them Know!

Last but not least, the marketing element. Creating the link between your branding and the people who want to connect with it; letting them know that you exist, and you are there FOR them.

Having a clear idea of your brand and your audience will help you understand where to show up!

Gr8fool's message wants to reach out to people in their homes, at schools and offices.  It is delivered to its audience via storytelling (posts and blogs), through social media and connecting with school Principles and corporate HRO.


If you can resonate with Gr8fool branding and identify yourself in its audience, get in touch and let me know how!

I'd love to hear from you.

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