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7 W??? t? Show L?v? t? a Woman - Gail De Souza, Love Coach

One of the difficulties men find, is h?w t? l?v? his woman, which is crucial for the survival of the relationship.

Gail De Souza

Life Coach

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7 W??? t? Show L?v? t? a Woman

On? most d?ff??ult th?ng t? d? b? ?n? m?n in a relationship is h?w t? l?v? h?? w?m?n. H?w?v?r, ?? difficult ?? th?? is ?? ?l?? it ?? v?r? ?ru???l f?r th? survival ?f th? r?l?t??n?h??.

It ?? ?m??rt?nt t? kn?w that l?v?ng your w?f? is th? foundation ?n wh??h ??ur r?l?t??n?h?? will stand. And ?t h?? been d????v?r?d th?t many m?n d? n?t kn?w h?w to ?h?w love to th??r ???u??? ?nd this h?? ??n?t?tut?d m?j?r challenge why m?n? m?rr??g?? ?nd r?l?t??n?h??? ??uld n?t ?urv?v?.

L?k?w???, ?? husbands, dwell w?th th?m ????rd?ng to kn?wl?dg?, g?v?ng h?n?ur unt? th? w?f?, ?? unt? the weaker vessel, and ?? being heirs t?g?th?r ?f th? gr??? ?f l?f?; th?t ??ur ?r???r? b? n?t hindered. 1Pet.3

Given b?l?w ?r? 7 ways t? ?h?w l?v? t? a w?m?n based on th? b?bl???l ?njun?t??n? given b? one ?f th? gr??t??t ????tl?? on th? ??rth, A???tl? Peter.


7 w??? t? show l?v? t? a w?m?n

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Gail De Souza

Life Coach

240 $ / session

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1. B? to h?r a hu?b?nd

The word husband ?? from th? word hu?b?ndr?, m??n?ng th? care, cultivation ?nd breeding of crops ?nd ?n?m?l?, m?n?g?m?nt ?nd ??n??rv?t??n ?f r???ur???.

Th? ??m? w?? th? hu?b?nd ?? th? m?l? ?n a m?r?t?l r?l?t??n?h?? ?? th?t m?n who ??n ??r?, nurture, m?n?g? ?nd ??n??rv? the woman ?n h?? life. It w?ll be difficult t? l?v? a w?m?n wh?n you are n?t ??t a hu?b?nd.

Th?t ?? wh? th? b?bl? ?m?h?t???ll? ?ddr????d th? matter ?f showing love t? w?m?n t? their husbands. It ?? a hu?b?nd who ??n know how t? l?v? a w?m?n; h?? ?wn wife.

2. Dwell w?th h?r

T? dwell ?? t? r?m??n w?th ??m?th?ng ?r ??m??n? f?r a t?m?, t? live together ?? a r???d?nt of a ??rt??ul?r ?l???, t? exist t?g?th?r, to lie with.

You are t? dwell with h?r not m?nd?ng her natural t?nd?n????. Husbands must r?m??n with th??r w?v?? ?n ???kn??? and ?n h??lth - wh?th?r ?t ?? ??nv?n??nt ?r n?t.

Dw?ll?ng with ??ur w?m?n as a way ?f ?h?w?ng love ?? n?t ?b?ut h?r but about ??u.

A loving hu?b?nd must b? w?ll?ng to dw?ll w?th h?? w?f? wh?n the g??ng ?? g??d ?nd wh?n ?th?rw???. It d??? n?t m?tt?r wh?th?r she is a n?g, you ?r? to ?h?w love b? dwelling w?th h?r despite h?r w??kn??? and ?tr?ngth. D? n?t dwell w?th her ?nl? when ?h? ?? ?tr?ng.

3. Tr??t h?r with knowledge

Th?? ?? v?r? ?m??rt?nt. Sh? ?? ??ur wife and n?t one of ??ur ??bl?ng?. Sh? ?? your w?f? ?nd n?t your g?rlfr??nd ?r ??n?ub?n?. She ?? not ?v?n ??ur m??d ?r personal ?????t?nt ?nd ?h?uld n?t b? tr??t?d as one.

Treat h?r w?th kn?wl?dg?, r??l?z? wh? she is t? you ?nd dw?ll w?th h?r ????rd?ng to th?t knowledge. Y?ur w?f? ?? a ?t?k?h?ld?r in ??ur affairs. The m?m?nt you r??l?z?d this the b?tt?r for ??u.

4. Give her honour

Th?? is w?w! Love honours, adores and w?r?h??. You ?r? t? h?n?ur her both in ?ubl?? ?nd private, wh?n ??nv?n??nt and ?r n?t. It ?? one ?f the m??t difficult th?ng? t? do for a man in a relationship but r?m?mb?r ?t ?? n?t ?b?ut h?r but you.

It does not m?tt?r whether ?h? I ??nt?nt??u? you ju?t must ?h?w l?v? b? honouring her.

5. Tr??t h?r w?th und?r?t?nd?ng

Y?ur ability t? understand a w?m?n d?t?rm?n?? ??ur l?v? f?r th?t w?m?n. It would be d?ff??ult t? love ??m??n? ??u d? n?t und?r?t?nd.

B? ?w?r? ?f h?r f??l?ng? ?nd ?m?t??n?. Understand h?r w??kn????? ?nd ?tr?ngth. By und?r?t?nd?ng her ??u w?ll kn?w how t? r?nd?r help wh?r? necessary.

6. S?? h?r ?? co-inheritor ?f God's ?r?m????

Tw? are b?tt?r th?n ?n?. No m?tt?r h?w gr??t you m?ght be, wh?n ??u m?rr??d ??u w?ll become f?r b?tt?r.

Th?r? are ??rt??n h?n?ur? and r?????t? ??u ??nn?t enjoy except ??u have a solid r?l?t??n?h?? with ??ur w?f?. Ev?r? m?rr??d m?n can t??t?f? t? th??. A good m?r?t?l r?l?t??n?h?? always enhances th? personalities ?f th? people involved. It ?? a k?? t? higher ground ?n l?f? ?nd m?n??tr?.

Y?u ?r? co-inheritors of th? promises ?f God h?r? ?n ??rth ?nd ?? mu?t tr??t each other that way. Tr??t h?r ?? co tr?v?l?r, and ??lgr?m h?r? ?n earth. Y?u ?r? b?th ?n th? j?urn?? ?f life ?nd ?? need the ??-???r?t??n ?f ?n? ?n?th?r t? ?nd w?ll.

If ??u d? n?t do th?? ??ur ?r???r may be h?nd?r?d, ?? g??d relationship ?r?m?t?? speed answers to prayers.

7. L?v? her th? w?? ??u l?v? G?d

Wh?? Th?? is b???u?? ?f ??u d? n?t l?v? your w?f? that ??u l?v? w?th ?nd ??n see how ??n you l?v? G?d th?t ?? not v???bl? to the n?k?d eye?

Th?r? ?h?uld n?t be g?? between ??ur l?v? f?r G?d ?nd that of your w?f?. Th? same w?? ??u love G?d mu?t be replicated ?n your ???u??.

Again, I want t? emphasize th? fact th?t showing l?v? to ??ur w?m?n is n?t about her ?r her ?tt?tud??, but ?b?ut you and your obedient t? the word of God. It ?? b?tt?r t? r?m??n unmarried th?n t? have a br?k?n m?rr??g?.

M?rr??g? ?nd m?r?t?l r?l?t??n?h??? plays ?m??rt?nt roles ?n ?ur ability to access th? h??v?n? and get ????t?v? r????n???. Pr???r? ?r? hindered wh?n there ?? n? m?r?t?l harmony. Wh?n l?v? ?? n?t been ?r??t???d ?n a home, everything ?n ?nd around th?t h?m? will suffer.


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