Abby Weinbach was a successful soccer player. When asked, she tried herself as a commentator on a sports event. She got frozen on a live broadcast. Instead of trying again, she felt ashamed and shied away from the next opportunity. Typical of women which is a great problem for shattering the glass ceilings. 


Abby Wambach made a mistake: when she failed as a commentator she did not try it again. And again. That is what any men would do in her shoes. That is the part of women' socialization that frightens me most. It is great that she had started again in another industry. If I were her coach I would insist on pushing her to try it again. That is the victory. Not just for her but to all person who has no penis naturally. Shying away is not the solution. Gender bias would be overcome by gender-neutral behavior. This is the only way to help women to reach equality.