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11 Signs of Illumination Stage in Twin Flame Journey

The bridge between separation & reunion is the stages of Surrender & Illumination. everything is happy, elevated in harmony.

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The bridge between separation and reunion are the stages – Surrender and Illumination. Right before the union, there is an illumination, where everything is happy, elevated, and in harmony. It is a completely different vibration that can not even be fully perceived while in separation. It takes a certain transition to get to that vibration.

When you start practicing Surrender there will be a point when you will connect back again with your twin and you both will enter into the Illumination stage. Your communication will increase. You both will start being in sync with each other prior to a physical meeting.

This stage is very special. You will know in your gut that you will meet your twin flame soon.

In this stage I could connect all the dots, I got answers to my questions. I knew we were going to meet very soon. (This all happened in the span of five months – in 2016. From connecting again- illumination – and meeting)

When I was in the Illumination stage with my twin, and we met face to face. It was an energetic merge, kind of a physical union but it didn’t happen fully on all the levels. I was assuming that it was a Union but then I realized that there were things remaining for healing and learning. So after meeting, we again separated. It can very well happen that after surrender and illumination and a physical meeting, you may go into repeating a few stages again.

When a physical meeting is near after illumination – you will be mentally emotionally spiritually on one page with your twin. and you will very naturally expect to meet physically.

Signs would typically be:

  1. Dreams – which foretell or indicate upcoming union.
  2. 1111, 111, 11 signs appeared everywhere.
  3. Increased communication with your Twin Flame.
  4. Intense conversations with your twin flame where you can connect the dots of past incidences which will put a smile on your face
  5. Validation of things – where you realize that what you felt and believed was really true.
  6. You feel happy from within.
  7. Your heart is full of and pouring unconditional love.
  8. Both twins’ energies tune in / come on the same page.
  9. You start expecting the physical meeting, both understanding the true connection.
  10. Increased telepathy.
  11. Increased essence of your twin around you. (feeling that your twin is around you all the time very very strongly)


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Suggested Topics

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