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One's Calling may not be the first call they hear

This article, post, writing whatever we may want to call it; is about finding passion and never stopping until you reach it.

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When I think about dreams I think about something I aspire to be or something that will better my future. Since I was a little girl I have done nothing but dream; because I was told if I wish hard enough and keep dreaming it, it would come true. I went through the phase where I didn’t know what I wanted out of life. First I wanted to do hair, then for the longest time I wanted to be a lawyer.I thought I could change the law and people would have a better life. These were both great things to do but in the great scheme of things I wasn’t passionate about either one. when I was little my mother told me whatever you do not only do it well but be passionate about it. Mind you I was about 6 so I wasn’t exactly sure what passion was in the first place. So I thought about it and wondered what it was like to have passion;it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that I discovered it.


In the month of August 2015 I went to my first Gynecologist appointment ;it had been one of those things I had avoided doing years prior but, I finally had to bite the bullet and go. My appointment was in the morning and I went into the office ; I wasn’t really sure how the appointment would go because I had nothing but horror stories in the back of my head. She began by checking the top of me which I didn’t know was apart of the check up. She felt around and stopped; she said to me you have two large lumps in your left breast and I am concerned; I need you to get these looked at. I was terrified , this was only supposed to be a quick check up. I then made a follow up appointment with the women’s breast care center where they measured the lumps and then became concerned that it was cancer. I then saw another doctor for a second opinion and she said it wasn’t cancer; however I should get them removed so it doesn’t turn into anything. I then became uneasy, I’ve never had surgery and I had to take 10 days off of work, that really sucked. So in mid August I had surgery, I said my prayer and went in. I woke up to this wonderful nurse that talked to me and told me the best way to recover. It was then that I realized I wanted to do that for others; I wanted to be the one people wake up to and help them through recovery. It was then I decided I wanted to be a nurse. This is something I could finally see myself loving each and every moment doing my job.


After my surgery I returned to school at Hvcc where I had previously been taking classes towards a law degree. I went to my advisor and expressed to him that I wanted to switch majors; he then told me to talk to the director of nursing and see what would happen; I went to her thinking I would have a few minor setbacks because I really didn’t have any credits toward this degree. She then began to tell me all the things that I had to take and also that I probably wouldn’t be able to get into the program until fall 2017 and even then it was no guarantee. Now one thing about me is that I am extremely determined to do whatever I set my mind to. So I decided after I left that meeting to look elsewhere to start my career in the healthcare field. I had heard good things about Mildred Elley, a

local small institution graduate; but then didn’t know where to go from there. If anything in this process this was a turning point.Completing something gave me a huge boost as far as self esteem but I still wasn’t sure what a good fit for the future would be. Knowing that I am great with talking to people and listening; just wasn’t enough for me. I looked at those characteristics as gifts and they really needed to be used; I was just unsure of how to use them. I knew that although healthcare is great; what it lacks are the gifts that I embody. Compassion, effective listening and giving others hope is something we forget to give patients when entering the room or just passing them in the hallway. Healthcare is no longer about the patient and helping them on a better path to their authentic self. Although it has taken me years to find my gift, who I am and what I can contribute to society; I now know. I know that there are many out there that have been through the same obstacles I have. Regardless of age, race or gender we all have one thing in common; we are humans. Living, breathing creatures trying to survive and make a positive mark in this world.I can continue to blab on but what is the sense in that? This is just an excerpt of my story; I am much more interested in hearing the stories of all of you out there reading this, who felt they had no voice. I’m much more interested in how I can help you achieve everyday goals, tranquility , true passion and one's most authentic self.

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