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What is your “Dream Job”?

There are three domains that are critical to consider. The sweet spot among these 3 domains is your dream job!

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There are three domains that are critical to consider:

  • One: Your career aspirations, interests and passion.
  • Two: Your talents, skills, professional achievements, and values.
  • Three: What the marketplace needs. The market determines the opportunities to find a fit with your passion, talents, skills, and vision.

Identify the sweet spot among these three domains to zoom in on your Dream Job!

If you have skills and interests but there is no market demand for what you can do, then essentially you have a hobby.

If you have dreams to enter an in-demand field but lack the necessary skills to succeed, you will not be successful until you develop new skills.

If you have the skills in a specific area and the marketplace wants what you can do but you lack the interest or passion to succeed, you won’t be very happy and probably won’t be successful either.

It is not easy to find a fit among all three of the domains. It requires a commitment to do lots of research and learning and flexibility while maintaining the attitudes needed for success.

I hope this short discussion was helpful to you.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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