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Mind, Body, Soul Challenge

Ready for a Challenge? This Mind Body Soul Challenge is a great way to get you started on the right path to health! Join me

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Mind, Body, Soul Challenge

Often times my clients hear me speak about Mind, Body, and Soul. When they are all working in a synergistic fashion, your life becomes magic. Life begins to unfold in such a beautiful way. There are no such things as coincidences. Everything has a purpose. Everything happens intentionally.


MIND: When we take time to tend to our thoughts, hone in on how we think and why we think the things we think, begin to rewire the brain to thinking in a more positive light, more positive things will happen. Ever had a bad day or think, "jeez, today is just not my day."? I have... When we say that and feel that, we create more of that feeling. Our reality is truly our perspective - that's it. So when you're having one of those bad days again, I challenge you to get out of that mindset. Don't dwell on the bad occurrences. Instead, simply let go of the feeling of frustration or stress about your bad day and turn that frown upside down...seriously.

CHALLENGE: Begin writing down things you are grateful for until you feel out of your funk, put a smile on your face, do something nice for somebody. Be kind to a stranger. Making people feel happy will make you feel happy. I promise you, you will see your day turn into something more tolerable and brighter.


BODY: Taking care of our bodies is paramount to our health. Working out, releasing, sweating out the toxins and bad energy we accumulate throughout the day, making sure we are nourishing ourselves with the correct foods and liquids, getting the appropriate amount of sleep, are things we need to be focusing on to maximize our capabilities of creating the best lives for ourselves and our loved ones. When we eat a balanced diet and consume organic foods as much as possible our bodies function properly and we will feel and look better. You'll also have more energy. Working out on a regular basis will really boost your energy. Getting that blood flow pumping not only increases your stamina physically but mentally as well because you are providing more oxygen to the brain. It's basically a win-win. Plus you'll sleep harder and better. Who doesn't like sleep??

CHALLENGE: Eat at least one meatless meal a day and workout for at least thirty minutes a day for at least 4 days a week.


SOUL: A lot of people, unfortunately, miss ball on this one entirely every day. Meditating, scripting, being with nature, practicing gratitude, doing things that give us joy, etc. SOUL FOOD. These all feed our souls and help us find our place on this crazy beautiful planet. I meditate for at least 30 minutes when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I journal my gratitude and practice intention setting for my day ahead. Meditation grounds me and sets me up for success. Remember those "bad days" we were talking about earlier? I can't tell you the last time I had a bad day. Things don't phase me like they used to before I started tending to my soul and enriching my life in a healthy fashion and in the way it was meant to be lived. Finding our life purpose and fulfilling that purpose is the BEST way to consistently feed the soul. I could go on and on about how important it is to be living our life purpose, but this would become a novel blog. More on that in a later blog. Do you and your dreams will come true. It's a phrase that has really resonated with me lately. Try it.

CHALLENGE: Incorporate the Morning Practice into your everyday life.

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