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It's time to get rid of your bad habits.

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Scientific data collected by the United States Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation have yielded some disturbing information—unhealthy eating habits are responsible for about 11 million global deaths per year, and smoking leads to an estimated additional 8 million annual deaths.

Believe it or not, seemingly innocent bad habits can become modifiable risk factors leading toward disease, a decreased quality of life, and even an untimely death.

Do you have a bad habit?

You may not even realize that instinctive motions you perform each day are bad habits. To begin your journey of breaking bad habits, take a moment to critically assess yourself. Ask yourself if you engage in any of the following common behaviors:


Smoking or vaping.

Biting fingernails.

Sleeping too much.

Coping with negative feelings by drinking alcohol. 

Do any of these seem familiar? Be honest! If so, you might have identified a bad habit to break or improve upon.

The truth behind bad habits.

Bad habits don’t just spring from nowhere. Actually, they’re often the product of something much bigger. Scientists have honed in on specific parts of the brain that contribute to the formation and continuation of bad habits, and other professionals say that bad habits are often a result of stress, boredom, or both.

However, we think that nailing down a cause for bad habits should be considered a triumph! With the knowledge of a bad habit’s beginning comes greater empowerment to find its end.

Why break them down.

There are plenty of reasons to abandon your bad habits, but most important among them is the fact that many of the most common bad habits may cause you physical harm. Overeating and smoking, for instance, contribute heavily to some of the world’s most deadly health concerns such as diabetes, cardiac problems, and cancer.

Asking for backup.

So, you’ve tried to learn how to break bad habits? Maybe you’ve ended up saying nothing more than, “I can’t change even if I tried.” What then? We recommend first and foremost to ask for help. As we like to say, there’s power in numbers!

Hiring an Online Life Coach, in particular, is one of the best ways to start as you search for Expert opinions and accountability. Online life coaching can lead to improvements in the way that you view your habits. In fact, asking for help from these pros may lead you to learn something new. Life Coaches can help you to make a list of bad habits you want to change, then teach you how to replace these habits with healthier behaviors.

Breaking the habit is far from impossible! Most importantly, avoid the belief that all hope is lost. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches and message them for free today!

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