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New year resolutions tips.

Let an Online Life Coach help you with planning and sticking to it. Book a session today.


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With 2020 right around the corner, people across the globe are beginning to plan their New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, the resolutions that most of us make don’t amount to much—people around the world tend to start slacking on their resolutions by January 12.

That’s right—less than two weeks into the new year and many of us are beginning to think we should call it quits. 

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try, though, especially when there are effective ways to ensure that we follow through with your resolution far into 2020 and beyond.

Common resolution ideas and the greatest downfalls.

Up for the challenge and need a few New Year’s resolution ideas of your own? Some of the most common resolutions from around the world include:

Learning a new language.

Heading to the gym.

Working to improve relationships.

Spending less time with technology.

Nixing bad habits.

Getting out of debt.

These aren’t exactly simple undertakings. Regardless, it’s the drastic, health-related resolutions that make up 55% of people’s resolution lists, so it’s easy to understand why we don’t follow through for long and less than 10% of people successfully achieve their resolution goals!

Don’t worry, though. We can still make positive and significant changes to your life without trying to learn an entirely new language or lose 100 pounds. 

How to make attainable resolutions and stick to them.

So, how to accomplish these resolutions without becoming more than a statistic of failure?

Working with an Online Life Coach is a great place to start because these professional Coaches know exactly how to help you set achievable, realistic goals and hold you accountable throughout the year. They’ll work closely with you through all stages of the resolution planning process, from the question of “What is my resolution?” to the first days when sticking to your resolution becomes difficult.

During online life coaching sessions, a Coach will challenge you to stay true to yourself as you create goals and then plan strategies to stick with them through thick and thin.

An Online Life Coach might suggest more realistic resolutions such as:

Setting aside 10 minutes for physical activity each day.

Getting a new haircut that makes you feel confident.

Volunteering for an hour each month.

Cooking more meals for yourself each week.

With the help of an Online Life Coach, soon you’ll be saying, “New year, new me,” and you’ll follow through, too! Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches and book a session today.

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