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Help! My child doesn't want to do homework.

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Homework. The word itself send a kid into a state of fear, panic, or disgust, but completing schoolwork outside the classroom doesn’t have to be so bad! Convincing your child of this, however, can be a bit tricky.

As a parent, it can seem difficult to pressure your child into finishing their homework in a timely manner, particularly when it leads to arguments or tears. Whenever you want to give up, don’t—the consequences of your child not completing his homework can be dire. Not only will your child’s grades suffer, but they will fall behind in coursework. This may result in embarrassment, social difficulties, and an eventual unwillingness to attend school at all.

Instead of standing idly by and allowing this to happen, check out the following strategies we’ve gathered—all of the best ways to encourage your child to do homework.

Sweeten the pot.

Set some ground rules, and make it clear that activities like television or playing with friends must wait until homework is finished.

Be careful not to allow this strategy to become a bribe, though, or you’ll run the risk of encouraging your kids to finish homework as quickly as possible without reaping the learning benefits.

Hire an Online Tutor.

Seeking help from an Online Tutor is a great way to hold your child accountable while also providing an extra resource for them to tap into when they’re struggling with academic work. Not only can a Tutor help your child to complete their homework and guide them through the most daunting parts of an assignment or project, but these Online Tutors can be available whenever you need them!

Know when to step back.

When your child is struggling to finish their homework, it can be easy to become an overbearing parent, hovering over your child’s shoulder until the work is completed. However, this approach may lead to further anxiety. Encourage your child’s independent responsibility instead.

Don’t call it “homework.”

Because the mere mention of “homework” sends some kids spiraling toward a mental block, consider using a different household term for doing homework. Try something like “learning time,” “exercising your brain,” or even just “studying.”

Do your own work alongside them.

Do your homework, too! Set an example of responsibility by tackling your own chores and tasks alongside your child while they complete homework. Answer emails, plan your schedule, work on your budget, or anything else you need to do. Solidarity is a powerful thing.

Getting your child in the habit of completing homework without a fuss can take some time. It’s a learning process! Signing up for online tutoring is a great place to start, though, so you can soon say goodbye to nightly arguments and hello to learning. Browse through our list of Online Tutors and book a session!

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