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Rita Hurry has been a Life Coach for over 16 years and was awarded Best Law Of Attraction Life Coach in 2015. She is also a certified Energy Healer and Belief Clearing Coach, Big Money Business Coach, Author, co-presenter of an online show and Meditation Coach. She has helped many individuals across the globe to achieve their business and personal goals and she has many to overcome anxiety. 

Rita has worked with Casting Agents, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Music Composers, Dj's, Artists, and Entrepreneurs. Let's get to know more about Rita:

WikiExpert: What inspired you to become an Online Life Coach?

Rita Hurry: Whilst growing up, I had always been the one person that friends and family would go to for advice, and I loved helping people tap into their potential. I’ve always been interested in Personal Development, so when I came across an article in a US magazine back in 2002, on Life Coaching, I knew this was the path I wanted to take. 

It felt so great to know that I could help more people within my career and continue my interest in Personal Development, so I booked myself on a training course that I could find in the UK, at the time and began my amazing journey into a career path I still love today.

Also having worked in the Mental Health and General Health sector for a while, I knew that more people needed support with tapping into a positive mindset to overcome many ailments, so this spurred on my determination to help as many people as I can tap into the power of the mind.

WikiExpert: You have been coaching for over 16 years, tell us about your experience?

Rita Hurry: Wow how time flies! It seems like only yesterday I worked with my first few Clients soon after becoming qualified.

Over the 16 years of coaching, I have seen so many changes within the Personal Development sector. Sitting with a Client and motivating them and talking about various coaching models, was not enough. People needed more support.

So many different modalities have come into the limelight and during my experience; I knew that Life Coaching was not the only modality I wanted to practice in to help my Clients achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment in their life. The more I worked with Clients and even on myself, I noticed that internal work was very important and is the fundamental core of living a happy, fulfilled life. 

Fear, anxiety, stress, and depression have been on the increase over the years and the only way to help my Client overcome and manage these states was to do more internal work with them. This is why over the years I continued to train in other areas and trained in Healing work. 

WikiExpert: In addition to being a Life Coach, you're also a certified Energy Healer and Belief Clearing Coach, can you tell us a little about this and how it can benefit Clients?

Rita Hurry: Energy Healing and Belief Clearing is a very effective tool in clearing the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs many have formed over the years. Each person in their lifetime picks up beliefs from childhood and beyond, due to things they have seen, experienced or heard. These experiences can either create a positive cycle of beliefs or create a negative cycle of beliefs. If these beliefs are negative than they impact on an individual and can be very detrimental to their current life and their future. 

These beliefs can limit an individual to not taking action, feeling fearful and lacking confidence. It can also have an effect on their relationships with others, finance, career, etc.

With both Energy Healing and Belief Clearing I work with my clients through their past experiences and tap into those limiting thoughts that are holding them back and together we work on clearing these out of the subconscious through a series of sessions.

I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – Tapping), Chakra Healing, Childhood clearing, Birth story clearing as well as Belief Clearing which include a variety of effective techniques.

On completion of this work, the client feels empowered, free and confident to move forward and achieve their life goals easily, as they no longer feel trapped by negative limitations within their subconscious.

WikiExpert: In your opinion, what is the best part of coaching online and working with people across the globe? And what do you love about it the most?

Rita Hurry: I would say the best part and the part I love when coaching online and working with people across the globe is when my clients step into their power and finally let go of all the things that kept them stuck for many years. I love seeing their eyes light up when they gain the confidence to love themselves and embrace their inner strength and overcome so much. They truly light up, it’s beautiful to see the transformation.

I also love that no matter where in the world my Client is when they make the decision to invest in themselves and give themselves the gift of happiness, there is a unity amongst them all, regardless of background or upbringing. 

WikiExpert: What was the funniest thing that happened to you during an online session?

Rita Hurry: I remember very early on in my coaching career, I had a Client who was constantly swinging backward and forwards on their chair whilst they were talking to me (I think they did this because they felt slightly nervous as it was our first session together). Then they got to a point where they swung it too far back that they rolled over backward onto the couch behind the chair. 

After a moment of silence, they emerged behind the chair and were in fits of laughter, which then led me to laugh with them. That sure broke the ice and they relaxed a lot more after and quit swinging on their chair thankfully.

WikiExpert: What is your number one strategy for helping people in putting an end to anxiety and increasing their confidence?

Rita Hurry: Meditation and visualization. Having suffered from lack of confidence and anxiety when I was younger, it was so difficult to release, but I discovered meditation and using visualisation in my meditation also helped me a great deal and this is why I use it with my clients today. 

It’s always about the internal work and believing that deep within you is the inner strength you need to let go of fear and anxiety. Anxiety is as a result of what is going on around you and often it is the thoughts we associate with various situations that cause many to doubt themselves and lead to lack of confidence.

By turning inwards through meditation, you are releasing and slowing the thoughts down, therefore gaining the ability to have more clarity and control of situations externally. 

Visualization helps you to see yourself as confident and therefore what you see and focus on consistently in your mind, you will achieve in your reality.

WikiExpert: So, you're a co-presenter of an online show, which is great! Tell us a little about this?

Rita Hurry: Oh Yes! RIME Entertainment Showcase is a monthly online show that I co-host with my younger sister, Melissa Hurry. A few years ago we had an online magazine of the same name where we interviewed people within the entertainment industry, promoted new talent and had a number of writers across the globe writing for us. 

Since then we have now changed the format and made RIME Entertainment Showcase an online show and podcast, where we interview entrepreneurs, influential people and people from the entertainment field from all genres, all over the globe, to share their journey. 

Our aim is to inspire people to live their dreams and never give up. 

WikiExpert: You have helped Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Music Composers, Dj's, Artist, and more, which must have been quite an incredible experience! Please tell us a little about this?

Rita Hurry: I have found through the coaching work I do and the work I do with RIME Entertainment Showcase, that I have attracted many Clients within the entertainment industry and the Entrepreneurial field, which has been great as I am a very creative person myself and used to play the electric guitar and have written a few songs (only for fun), as well as assisted Melissa creating short films and ads.

I love working with people from different career backgrounds as it’s a great insight into their world and bringing out their creative talent can be fun. 

Also when investing in coaching, it is important to have an open mind and to be open to coming out of your comfort zone and getting creative mentally as well as physically. Therefore, this taps into the creative aspect that my Clients have, which can help them a great deal through coaching and healing work.

I’ve had many of my Clients go on to live their dream and take the steps to do what they love with passion and commitment and that again has been beautiful to watch.

WikiExpert: What is a major factor that prevents people from accomplishing their goals? And how do you help them?

Rita Hurry: I would say it is the limiting beliefs they hold on to within their subconscious. Often many don’t realize they have these beliefs but give into fear and seek comfort and ease than stepping out and taking a risk on themselves. 

This comes from a lack of trust in themselves, which is a limiting belief.

When I work with someone who has these beliefs, I would focus on the belief clearing element, which includes meditation, visualization, EFT and some practical work. This enables both myself and the Client to investigate fully as to what is blocking them and clearing it. 

Once we have completed this work together, I would do some energy healing and then move onto the Life Coaching element of moving forward and taking action towards their life goals.

WikiExpert: Tell us a little about your online meditation courses? What are the benefits?

Rita Hurry: My online meditation course is a 14-day course to help those who may have an interest in Meditation and would like to start practicing but don’t know where to begin. It’s very basic and practical and there is a video element of teaching as well as a PDF with further information. You also gain access to 3 Guided Meditation Audios (not available elsewhere) to help you on your journey and to use anytime you need it, even on completion of the course.

The course breaks down each element of meditation and the benefits of practicing meditation regularly, from breathing, to thoughts during meditation and how to implement it into your busy schedule.

A great go-to course anytime you need it which will benefit many learners time and time again.

WikiExpert: How would you advise someone who wants to give up on life and everything?

Rita Hurry: I would first find out the reason why and how severe their condition is. If I felt there was a mental health element involved, I would ask them to seek professional help from their Doctor and gain some info and contact numbers from helplines that are qualified to work with this person.

If it turns out that the person does not have a mental health condition, I would work at breaking down their reasons for how they feel and work together with them to change their mindset and bring some visualization techniques as well as internal clearing and practical mind-set strategies using some NLP techniques. 

The main focus would be on changing their mindset from negative to positive using various methods and rephrasing etc.

WikiExpert: What is your number one strategy for eliminating negative thoughts?

Rita Hurry: Intensive Belief Clearing work which includes affirmation work, EFT, and practical steps and healing through meditation.

The aim is to take the individuals to focus off the negative thoughts and show them the importance of future planning and the positive, as we all attract what we focus on.

WikiExpert: You also support the Dementia UK charity, which is remarkable! Tell us a little about this venture?

Rita Hurry: This is a charity that I personally chose to support as there are many people I know who have had loved ones that have passed away due to this disease or are currently suffering from it. 

Dementia UK has a team of nurses who support Dementia sufferers and their families through this difficult time.

This is why I made a promise to donate 10% of all the packages that I sell to go towards this charity, so they can train up more nurses to support those who need their support.

 I am currently awaiting training info to be an official Dementia UK Ambassador, which will involve going out to events and meetings, sharing the work that Dementia UK is currently doing. I am looking forward to this.

Now let's get to know a little more about Rita:

WikiExpert: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Rita Hurry: I would say being awarded Best Law Of Attraction Coach 2015 was the highlight of my coaching career and very surprised to see that so many people voted for me. But also just changing people’s lives and making a huge positive impact on my Clients’ lives.

WikiExpert: If there was anything you could change about your life, what would it be?

Rita Hurry: I honestly don’t think there is anything I would change about my life…I’m doing what I love full time. But if I had to really think about it and had to really change something, I guess I would’ve skipped the whole 9 to 5 Office blip I did for so many years. A desk job really wasn’t for me and made me feel restless. So I guess jumping sooner into my business full time would be something I would change. But everything has perfect timing!

WikiExpert: When you're not coaching or meditating, where would we find you? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Rita Hurry: Most probably eating! ?

I love good food, delicious cakes, good wine, good conversations and lots of laughter. Love to try out different restaurants and cuisines in the city.

I work out 6 days a week – Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and Strength Training. Keeping healthy and fit is very important to me.

I also love to go to concerts, the theatre and travel to different countries and explore. 

Life is an experience and I love to keep an open mind to all the good life can bring and I can experience.

WikiExpert: Do you have any goals for the future? Both personally and professionally?

Rita Hurry: Professionally – I would love to run Healing and Coaching retreats abroad and make this a regular thing.

Personally – Take a trip to Australia, but I would have to make it a 2 destination trip as I know I couldn’t do the long flight from the UK straight. I’d need a few days of land in another country in between! ?

Book a session with Rita Hurry today!

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